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Hostile Environment
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Creation Rebel
On-U Sound
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6 október 2023


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    320 kbps, LAME-kódolt

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Hostile Environment is the first album in over forty years from the legendary Creation Rebel, who were the original On-U Sound house band and responsible for classics such as Dub from Creation and Starship Africa. The trio of Crucial Tony, Eskimo Fox and Magoo are back with producer Adrian Sherwood to create a modern spin on their heavyweight dubwise rhythms.

It is the seventh album credited to the group, who originally coalesced as a live backing group for the late, great Prince Far I, in the process sharing stages with the likes of The Clash, The Slits and Don Cherry. Vocals from their former band leader, preserved on archive tapes, feature on the new record, as well as guest contributions from the likes of Cyrus Richards (musical director for Horace Andy and the Dub Asante Band), Italian synth maestro Gaudi, and fast chat king Daddy Freddy.

The album title refers to former British Prime Minister Theresa May’s controversial policy towards asylum seekers, and the recent Windrush scandal, all too relevant to a group of musicians of Jamaican origin who have spent their whole lives operating in the darkening shadow of a former colonial power with a staggeringly short memory for historic wrongs.

“Creation Rebel have created a great legacy. Their records inspired a legion of dubheads and they were foundational in the formation of the On-U Sound and Ruff Cut labels, not to mention bands such as Roots Radics, African Head Charge, Dub Syndicate, Singers and Players and many more. On this album it all comes full circle with Hostile Environment, featuring three of the original Rebels and with some wonderful guests.

‘Hostile Environment’ is the term that UK Prime Minister Theresa May used to describe creating a hostile environment for people seeking refuge and asylum, one of the backdrops to the shocking Windrush scandal that has affected so many Caribbean families who have lived and worked in the UK for their whole lives.” Adrian Sherwood.

Digitális számlista

  1. 1 Swiftly (The Right One) 4:16 Vásárlás

    Swiftly (The Right One)

  2. 2 Stonebridge Warrior 4:43 Vásárlás

    Stonebridge Warrior

  3. 3 Under Pressure 3:36
  4. 4 That’s More Like It 4:18 Vásárlás

    That’s More Like It

  5. 5 Jubilee Clock 3:00
  6. 6 This Thinking Feeling 5:02
  7. 7 Whatever It Takes 3:11
  8. 8 Salutation Gardens 3:27
  9. 9 Crown Hill Road 3:40
  10. 10 The Peoples’ Sound (Tribute To Daddy Vego) 3:17
  11. 11 Off The Spectrum 3:26

Creation Rebel

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