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Pay It All Back Vol.4
Various Artists
On-U Sound
Catalogue Number
Release Date
1 enero 1993

The On-U Sound Pay It All Back compilation series has served to include both recent releases, alternate mixes, unreleased material as well as selections from forthcoming albums. Volume 4 came out in 1993 and features two Dub Syndicate tracks (both later released on the band's own Echomania album) as well as five from the funk-reggae supergroup, Strange Parcels (featuring members of Tackhead) and a stunning collaboration between Norman Grant (of the Twinkle Brothers) and a Polish folk group called the Trebunia Family Band.

Lista de pistas digitales

  1. 1 Chapter 4 Dub Syndicate 4:26 Comprar

    Chapter 4

  2. 2 Echomania Dub Syndicate 2:42 Comprar


  3. 3 High Ideals & Crazy Dreams Strange Parcels & Bernard Fowler 3:35 Comprar

    High Ideals & Crazy Dreams

  4. 4 More Is Insane Strange Parcels & Bim Sherman 5:11 Comprar

    More Is Insane

  5. 5 Victory Horns Strange Parcels & Jesse Rae 6:41 Comprar

    Victory Horns

  6. 6 Hammerhead Little Axe 4:36 Comprar


  7. 7 Mankind Jalal 5:32 Comprar


  8. 8 Bless Those Little Annie 3:24 Comprar

    Bless Those

  9. 9 Segue Andy Fairley 1:21 Comprar


  10. 10 Don't Betray Me Twinkle Brothers & The Trebunia Family Band 6:56 Comprar

    Don't Betray Me

  11. 11 Never Despair Strange Parcels & Basil 5:10 Comprar

    Never Despair

  12. 12 Bobby Moore's Legs Andy Fairley & Barmy Army 3:04 Comprar

    Bobby Moore's Legs

  13. 13 Stop The Clock Part 2 Wimbish & McDonald 5:05 Comprar

    Stop The Clock Part 2

  14. 14 Danger Strange Parcels & Basil 5:39 Comprar


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