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A Trip To Bolgatanga
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African Head Charge
On-U Sound
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Release Date
7 július 2023

"The star of the show is Noah’s mesmerising hand drumming, especially on the headspinning Microdosing" The Guardian

"A Trip To Bolgatanga is easily AHC's most accessible, vivid approximation yet of Brian Eno's fabled 'vision of a psychedelic Africa'" ★★★★ Mojo

"This is a ceaselessly unpredictable and eclectic record that manages to sound as traditional as it does experimental." Uncut

African Head Charge return to On-U Sound with their first new album in twelve years. Titled A Trip To Bolgatanga, the recordings are led by founder member Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah, with close friend and co-conspirator Adrian Sherwood once again at the controls. A Trip to Bolgatanga is a stunning return, bringing together the talents of two masters who, after a hiatus, have created a rich album brimming with ideas and executed with finesse.

A Trip To Bolgatanga is a musical journey to Bonjo’s current hometown in north Ghana. A psychedelic travelogue across the landscape featuring their trademark hand percussion and group chanting augmented with rumbling bass, mutated horns, dubbed out effects, wild wah-wah, haunted voodoo dancehall, synthetic swells, disco congas, tumbling layers of electronic effects, blues-inflected woodwind, and funky organ. As with every On-U Sound production, each repeated listen reveals fresh detail, and its power won’t be really understood until heard on a big system, when it’ll reduce all competition to rubble.

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African Head Charge

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